Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last; Eventually You Will Be Right

We cannot undue the past. Quite frankly, many of us wasted weeks months and years due to our addictive actions. It is for that reason that we realize the importance of each and every day. Each day we are presented with a blank slate. We can choose how to fill it. We value the importance of work and are diligent regarding it. Family is now very important to us and we make efforts to solidify our relationships. Due to our past addictive behavior we recognize the importance of going to meetings regardless of how much time we have. Of course there is a lot of gratitude towards the program which got us sober. We give back through service at meetings and sponsoring others. In recovery, we have discovered many healthy and productive outlets for spending our free time. Rather than collapsing on the couch and watching television for hours on end, we exercise, go to museums and plays, travel and explore everything that life has to offer. At the end of the day we self reflect to see if we lived as fully as we could. We resolve that if we are granted another day tomorrow, we will make it a meaningful,one as well.

Personal Reflection: Did I live fully today?


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